Yard Products

Landscaping Yard Products Available

GAP (General All Passing Aggregates)

Used in preparation of foundations, driveways and paths and for under paving.


GAP 20

GAP 40


Used in drainage areas where it is important to have a free flow of water though trenches and around drainflow pipe.


Use SAP-7 for pipe bedding and under cobble style paving.


Use SAP-7/25 behind retaining walls, bedding around nova coil pipes.

Sand and Cement

East Coast Sand

A fine sand (equivalent to #1 sand) used to make motar. Also, great for children’s sand pits.

Builders Mix

Builders mix – Pre mixed sand and GAP20 – Just add cement and water and you’ve made concrete.


Available in 40kg bags – Either Rapid Set or Standard.

Garden Products

Top Soil

Plain old dirt – screened and weed free.

Garden Mix

Premium garden mix, Weed free, compost based with added slow release fertilizer . Perfect for the vege garden, garden beds, potted plants.

Bark Mulch

Reduces weed growth, regulates moisture in the soil and breaks down over time to feed nutrients into the soil.

Decorative Mulch

Untreated recycled wood chip coloured with environmentally friendly dye, great looking ground cover that supresses weeds and conserves moisture.


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