A Landscaper’s Guide to Planning Your Next Garden Paving Project

Looking to bring your dream garden to life without forking out an arm and a leg for a garden designer? Slatecrete, Auckland’s leading concrete manufacturing company, has got you covered! Quality concrete pavers can turn your backyard into a beautiful and unique outdoor space. Follow our five-step guide and you’ll be planning your next garden paving project like a professional landscaper.

Consider your aesthetic style

The initial stage of transforming your garden starts far before your start shoveling soil – first, you need to consider the look and style that you want to achieve. Do you want a polished, elegant space or one that’s wild and rustic? Are you after a modern look, or a traditional one?

If you need some help finding your style, draw on inspiration from landscaping magazines, the internet and even your friends’ gardens. Once you have an idea of what aesthetics suit you and your yard, you can start to make real, concrete plans.

Map out your garden

Whether you are working with a huge backyard or a tiny outdoor space, measuring and mapping out your garden is an important step. While landscape gardeners often use sophisticated software, you can simply draw your plans on paper, plotting where different features in your garden will go. By making a map of your plans, you will figure out where to lay your concrete pavers and calculate how many pavers you will need.

Choose the right pavers

We may be a little biased, but we reckon this is where the fun really begins! There are so many shapes, sizes, textures and colours to choose from when it comes to concrete paving. You may even want different pavers in different parts of the garden, such as pathways, pool surrounds and gardens.

And it’s not only about aesthetics. Now’s the time to decide whether to use wet cast pavers, which have a denser, non-porous surface, or the more open-surface and porous dry cast pavers.

Prepare your site

You’ll have to examine your outdoor space as things like soil depth, density and the presence of tree roots can alter your plans. You’ll likely have to dig down into the soil, level it off and compact a base course in order to properly prepare it for your landscaping and paving project. If this is all new to you, our paving specialists can help you understand what your land will need to be ready for pavers.

Laying pavers

Once all else is said and done, it’s time to lay your paving and watch the garden of your dreams take shape. If you are planning to do it yourself, read our installation guide for more information on laying concrete pavers.

Ready to landscape like a professional? Get in touch with Slatecrete, NZ’s leading concrete manufacturer and supplier.

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