Achieve a Bespoke Outdoor Space with Unique Concrete Pieces

In NZ, we love beautiful outdoor areas, so much so that a stunning backyard is often the selling point of a house. Auckland-based concrete manufacturer Slatecrete believes that when it comes to creating stunning outdoor spaces, there is no better material than concrete.

Concrete is durable and stands up to any weather, it is too heavy to steal and ages beautifully. Slatecrete has worked on countless outdoor areas in Auckland and NZ, using concrete to complete patios and pools, gardens and outdoor kitchens – here’s a few tips to create a unique outdoor space with concrete.

Outdoor Kitchens

Nothing aids indoor-outdoor flow like a well set up outdoor kitchen. Pair a beautiful customised concrete benchtop and integrated sink with a quality BBQ and your outdoor area is complete. Concrete is particularly useful in outdoor kitchens because it is durable and functional, attractive and easy to clean and maintain.

Reshaping Your Swimming Pool with Custom Concrete Coping

Slatecrete has recently enjoyed a project where we transformed a kidney shaped backyard pool into a rectangular swimming pool with a splash pad thanks to creative use of concrete coping. It was a fun project with a beautifully unique outcome! We have heaps of tricks up our sleeve for anyone wanting to alter their backyard swimming pool.

Fireplace Hearths and Surrounds

Concrete works wonders for hearths and fireplace surrounds because it can stand up to the heat, it has a striking appearance and comes in a variety of colours and finishes to match your personal style. If you have an outdoor fire, surround it with concrete.

Giant Outdoor Chess Board Using Pavers

If you want something a little different to occupy guests in your NZ backyard, giant chess boards are heaps of fun. Lay concrete pavers to create the board and purchase some life-size pawns, knights and rooks and keep your visitors entertained for hours.

Outdoor Dining Tables

Think timber or steel-framed tables are your only options for outdoor dining? Think again! Custom GFRC dining tables are striking statement pieces on a patio or deck. Large slate pavers or rounded edges, supported by metal or wooden legs and paired with funky chairs – concrete is a surefire way to get people talking around the dinner table.

Garden Embellishments

Use concrete pavers, fences and retaining walls to create unique elements in the garden. The steely grey of traditional concrete matches the greens of the garden, giving it an interesting nature-meets-urban aesthetic to your outdoor space. There are many ways to use concrete to bring out the best of any garden, from using various size pavers to filling spaces with native plants to one-of-a-kind concrete structures and statues – the Slatecrete team has done it all.

Pavers for Outdoor Fire Pit

An open fire pit in your outdoor area is a wonderful way to bring friends and family together and unwind, lending a camping-esque feel to your evenings. If you want a fire pit, uniquely shaped and placed pavers will create the perfect atmosphere while the concrete surface will ensure it’s a safe space to light a fire.

If you want to find ways to create a bespoke patio with concrete pavers, custom tables, and other custom concrete products, talk to Slatecrete in Auckland today.

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