Pavers and Pool Copings

Pavers and Pool Copings

Additional information: Pavers and Pool Copings

Taking the time to plan your new paving project carefully and following the correct procedures will ensure our Slatecrete concrete pavers lives up to your expectations.

Our paving team are available to visit you onsite to help you plan and implement your paving project.

We can offer supply only, or we project manage a supply and lay to meet your complete requirements.

We supply concrete pavers, paving stones and pool surrounds such as bullnose paving and coping stones.  Please contact us for more information on our concrete product and pavers range.


Our Slatecrete colours range from the traditional Terracotta, through to the more modern designer colours. As we are the manufacturers, we can also meet specific colour requirements.


Slatecrete paving is available in three surface textures. A contemporary smooth finish, a traditional Patio texture and a classical Quarrystone texture.


Designed for light commercial and domestic applications, our product can be installed on sand or mortar in a variety of patterns. Our Slatecrete pavers have beveled sides, making them easy to lay and resistant to edge chipping.

Peace of Mind

Our Slatecrete pavers and copings are manufactured under strict factory controlled specifications. As a result of our quest for quality, we have developed extremely high density pavers and copings with uniform shape, dimensions, and texture.

Caring for your Pavers

We recommend sealing the Pavers or Copings 4 – 6 weeks after installation to protect and prolong the life of them. There are various sealers available from natural look sealers to the wet look sealers which deepen the colour of the Pavers and Copings. Please speak to one of the team members at Slatecrete about the sealers that would best suit your requirements.

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