Why choose Slatecrete’s Auckland Concrete Pavers for your Landscaping Ground Surface?

The decision you make for which ground surface to use for your landscaping could be the single most important decision you Concrete Pavers make for your landscaping project.

Your ground surface will be the most used product you will come into contact with.

We believe Slatecrete’s Auckland Concrete Pavers are a great choice for your ground surface for the following reasons;

  1. Slatecrete’s Concrete Pavers are replaceable: If you were to have tree problems or sinkage over time, individual Slatecrete Auckland concrete pavers can be replaced.
  2. Slatecrete’ssandstone auckland concrete pavers Concrete Pavers come in a wide range to suit your style: There is an extensive range of colours and sizes to suit your area. You can have a smooth or honed finish in a variety of colours including Sandstone, Light Sandstone, Natural, Grey, Charcoal, Liquorice, Terracotta. We can also custom make a specific colour for you with over 100 colours to choose from.

  3. Slatecrete’s Concrete Pavers are durable: With the correct maintenance, Slatecrete’s concrete pavers should stay in top condition for years to come. We recommend cleaning them as you would indoor tiles, with hot soapy water and a soft brush or mop. We also recommend re-sealing your concrete pavers every two to three years to keep them looking like new. 4. Slatecrete’s Concrete Pavers are a safe choice: Slatecrete’s concrete pavers are tested every two to three years to ensure they well comply with the Slip Co-Efficiency Test Reports.

  4. Slatecrete’s Concrete Pavers are a safe choice: Slatecrete’s concrete pavers are tested every two to three years to ensure they well comply with the Slip Co-Efficiency Test Reports.

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