Five Unique Design Tips When Working with Concrete Pavers

Concrete paving is a much-loved material among landscape gardeners – it gives off a natural aesthetic that suits the outdoors, it’s affordable and it’s durable both underfoot and around water. Plus, it’s incredibly versatile, lending itself to bespoke and beautiful backyards, gardens and driveways. Here are five unique design tips to keep in mind for your next concrete paving project.

Creative fills between paving joints

Concrete pavers don’t always have to be flush against one another. In fact, by leaving some spaces in the joints in between, you can achieve an original and distinct look in your backyard. You can get creative with how you fill these spaces by experimenting with grasses, stones or grout.

Combine paver shapes and sizes

Concrete pavers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which gives you endless options when it comes to your patio or pool area. By including a range of paver styles, you can add visual intrigue to your yard. Try offsetting large pavers with smaller squares and narrow rectangles. Or build a border of small pavers around a patio made up of larger ones.

Mix and match colours

The same goes with the colour scheme you choose for your outdoor area. Whether it’s a driveway, deck or pool surround, including different coloured concrete pavers can create a beautiful effect. Try shades of grey, black and white, or cream and coffee – complimentary or contrasting colours never fail to create a bespoke space that is anything but boring.

Create a pattern

Begin a project by considering the pattern you will be laying the pavers in. By committing to a pattern, you will create a tidy and professional looking space. Popular paving patterns include herringbone, pinwheel and running bond. Or you could design your pavers to include a large swirl, an interesting border or concentric circles.

Paved pathways

While using concrete paving for patios, pools and driveways are no-brainers, there are other, more unique ways to use concrete in your backyard, too. Consider creating a garden pathway out of concrete pavers, which will let you and your guests safely explore your yard in comfort and style.

Looking to create a beautiful backyard with concrete pavers? Speak to the Auckland-based paving specialists at Slatecrete today.

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