Give your pool a modern slimline look with our new Ariss swimming pool coping

If you’ve built a concrete in-ground swimming pool, then the pool shell wall will need ‘pool coping’, which is the term used to identify the material used to cap the shell wall itself. When someone inside the pool hangs on to the top edge, it’s the coping that they’re holding on to.

In addition to simply being necessary, to conceal the pool’s concrete edge, prevent water from getting behind the pool shell and provide a cool, non-skid surface for users, the swimming pool coping also provides an opportunity for a decorative accent, which can greatly enhance the appearance of your swimming pool and your overall outdoor entertainment area.

There are numerous options available for swimming pool coping materials, from poured-in-place concrete to tile, natural stone and pre-cast concrete pool coping stones. However, for the top pool paving and coping option, nothing matches concrete pavers and swimming pool coping stones when it comes to versatility, longevity and durability, and bringing good looks to any pool party!

Concrete pool coping

Given that concrete is such an amazingly versatile material, with concrete pavers and pool coping stones available in a range of custom colours and hues, and various textures, including combinations of exposed shell, crushed granite and pebbles, you can really create a striking swimming pool coping design.

From an installation standpoint, using concrete pool coping stones is typically simpler to install and more easy to provide uniformity in thickness and colour than when working with natural stone, for example. Using concrete pavers and coping stones for all swimming pool ‘hardscaping’ also makes it easier to be able to spot replace and perfectly re-match pavers, if this becomes necessary at a later date.

Our latest swimming pool coping stone

GT Landscapes, one of our recommended paving installers, recently completely this outdoor swimming pool landscaping project using our latest coping stone, the ‘Ariss’.

Unlike the more common bullnose swimming pool coping stones, the Ariss has a square edge with a pencil radius at the top and bottom. Notice how this achieves a seamless look between the pool and the deck, and gives the pool a very clean and crisp modern appearance. If you’d like to know more about our Arist swimming pool coping stone, give us a call.

Quality fit for purpose

As we manufacture our own concrete pavers and pool coping stones to strict, factory-controlled specifications, we have complete confidence in their quality. Not only have we developed extremely high-density concrete pavers and pool coping stones with a uniform shape, dimension and texture, but we can colour your concrete pavers and pool coping stones to match any landscape colour scheme. 

For great ideas and expert advice about your next paving project, including swimming pool coping designs, please talk to the team at Slatecrete Paving. We’ll also be able to tee you up with one of our preferred paving installers so you can be sure of a job well done.

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