How to Maintain Your Concrete Pavers This Winter

While North Islanders don’t typically have to contend with snow, winter brings plenty of rain, which is pretty harsh on your patio. Aucklanders are particularly vulnerable, with nearly 400 mls of rainfall each winter!

When water accumulates on your patio pavers, the wet environment becomes ripe for algae and moss growth which can stick around long past the rainy season. Before the algae sets in for good, follow Slatecrete’s tips on maintaining your concrete pavers this winter.

Quality concrete can stand up to winter

First, some good news. Opting for high quality concrete pavers is the best thing you can do to maintain the longevity of your landscaping. Concrete pavers are designed to stand up to cold weather, ice and even snow. So long as you keep pavers as dry and clean as possible, your concrete pavers should remain in excellent condition for years to come.

Seal your pavers

A concrete sealant acts as a barrier between the concrete and water, preventing stains, water damage, cracks and erosion. When you install your Slatecrete concrete pavers, we always recommend an initial seal; after this, you should seal your concrete pavers every two or three years. If you are due for a sealant treatment, make sure it gets done before the worst of the wet weather hits.

Keep cleaning the concrete

Cleaning the pavers in your garden or surrounding your swimming pool might be a regular part of life in summer, when the area gets a lot of use and attention. But don’t neglect your cleaning duties in the cooler months.

Take advantage of dry, sunny winter days by putting on your jacket and maintaining your cleaning routine. The best way to clean your pavers is with hot soapy water and a mop – not with a water blaster. Make sure to wipe away stains and moss so that your concrete stays resistant to the weather on damp days.

Keep an eye out for weeds

In winter, weeds are particularly fond of growing in between your pavers. Before they flourish and get stuck in the joints between pavers, remove them by hand or with biodegradable herbicides that won’t destroy surrounding plants and pollute the water.

Get rid of any snow

If you live in a colder climate such as NZ’s South Island where snow is likely, shovel up any snow that accumulates on your pavers as soon as it starts to pile up.

Enjoy your concrete pavers this winter

By caring for your concrete pavers in winter, you might end up enjoying them more too, spending the next sunny day outside sipping a cuppa or reading a book. For more advice on winter maintenance, speak to Slatecrete, Auckland’s leading concrete manufacturer and supplier.

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