Looking for a Kitchen Concrete Countertop in Auckland?

In Auckland, kitchen concrete countertops have been hot for a while now – and they’re nowhere near cooling off. If anything, their appeal is growing! Why is that? Well, the simple answer is that concrete countertops can be absolutely beautiful.

High-quality, handcrafted concrete countertops from concrete countertop manufacturer Slatecrete Paving offer timeless design, versatility and functionality for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms – in fact, anywhere you want a unique and bespoke surface created.

Custom Kitchen Concrete Countertops

Durable, distinctive and adaptable – all words that sum up the versatility of concrete countertops. And with concrete, the Kitchen Concrete Countertopdesign process is also limitless. What this means is that concrete can be used to create any shape or size of countertop that you desire. You cannot do that with any other material!

Concrete’s durability is unquestionable. It is extremely hard and tough – if properly sealed and maintained, concrete countertops will wear well for years, and can be used indoors and out. It won’t scratch and it is very heat resistant. All these are qualities that enable concrete to stand up very well to the wear and tear of a busy kitchen or active family.

Poured concrete countertops are also an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic products and non-renewable sources, such as quarried stones like granite or marble. Furthermore, concrete is extremely versatile, enabling homeowners to express their own unique style and taste in ways that would not be possible with other materials.

By using distinctive colour variations, aggregates, custom inlays or textures, you can turn your concrete countertop into an expression of your unique personal style and make it into a truly remarkable centrepiece in your home.

To revolutionise the appearance of their kitchen and bathroom countertops, many homeowners will choose to go with pigmented or stained concrete countertops. With pigment, you can have nearly any shade of colour you desire. With staining, you can give your countertops the look of granite or other natural stone. It’s even possible to embed tile, stone, glass, shells or other aggregates in the concrete to increase the uniqueness and beauty of the finished product.

But that’s not all – in addition to the almost endless palette of colours and texturing techniques possible when creating your concrete countertops, it’s also possible to build in a huge variety of features, such as draining boards, sinks and chopping blocks.

See, we weren’t joking when we said that the creative possibilities when using concrete are virtually endless.

Concrete Complements Any Aesthetic

Concrete countertops mix well with other materials used in a kitchen or bathroom, as they are a great way to bring more warmth and a greater tactile quality to the room’s overall design – despite being a hard surface, concrete provides a surprisingly soft, textured, natural feel to counters.

Owing to the fact that concrete countertops are handmade, they can be designed to fit any space and aesthetic – and they provide a sense of character that simply doesn’t exist in stone or synthetic materials.

This very ability to complement other materials, in addition to its ability to unite with any other concrete elements used in a home, for example, a concrete floor, are some of the reasons why architects and designers are increasingly favouring the use of concrete as a material for domestic countertops.

Your Auckland Concrete Countertop Company

If you’re planning a new home or renovating an existing one, and want something truly unique and custom-designed in the form of a kitchen or bathroom countertop, then your best option is concrete. There really is no other material as versatile as concrete. To find out more about creating a unique concrete countertop in your kitchen or bathroom – or anywhere in your home – simply give the team at Slatecrete Paving, your Auckland concrete countertop manufacturer. 

Call us on (09) 580 1220 or pop into our showroom at 135 Marua Road in Mt Wellington for a chat about what we can do for you.​

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