Our Concrete Bullnose Coping Stones

Concrete bullnose coping stones surround a swimming pool install and build. These concrete pavers (see image) are part of our Slatecrete concrete paving and bullnose copings range.

Concrete bullnose pavers and pool coping stones are a great paving option for pool surrounds. In addition to providing an attractive border for the swimming pool itself, these pavers also create a safe surface that doesn’t become slippery or too hot underfoot.

An advantage of using concrete pavers:  Using concrete pavers for swimming pool landscaping makes it easier to be able to spot replace paving slabs, if necessary.  Slatecrete manufactured concrete paving slabs and pavers are also very dense, making them nonporous, which means they resist the growth of algae and mildew in this wet area.*  *T&C’s Apply

Concrete Bullnose Coping Stones

Slatecrete Concrete Pavers - Bullnose paving stones and slabs.

Bullnose Paving Stones And Slabs Including Concrete Pool Pavers 1024X768

600x600x40 Coping Stones and Pavers

The selected Slatecrete coping stone was a 450x300x40 light sandstone bullnose copings.  We used internal corners, doing away with mitred corners to give a clean softer look.

Good to take note of the workmanship of the small retainer wall and the area based up ready for the installation of 600x600x40 pavers onto a mortar bed and grouted.

This outdoor swimming pool and landscaping project was completed using concrete paving, To discuss your next paving project, please call Slatecrete Paving today.  We can discuss your summer outdoor project and provide you with some suggestions for workmanship from our preferred paving installers.

Get in contact today to discuss your project.

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