Pool Coping Stones and Concrete Pavers – The Top Paving Options for a Pool Deck

We Kiwis have always had a love affair with the outdoors, especially in the warmer months. This is one of the reasons why we’re obsessed with having great indoor-outdoor flow in our homes. With the official start to Spring only weeks away and Summer waiting just over the horizon, many homeowners are getting in the mood to revamp their outdoor areas or are even making plans to finally build that dream swimming pool.

In fact, one of the best ways to spend quality time at home is by relaxing around a pool with family and friends. Furthermore, a swimming pool is no longer just somewhere to take a quick dip either. These days, a pool is very often the focal point of a home’s entire outdoor entertainment space. Therefore, the landscaping around the pool is now just as important as the pool itself.

A key element of any landscaping is the paving. Concrete pavers are a very popular landscaping choice today for creating a contemporary or modern look. However, concrete pavers are so versatile that they can complement pretty much any architectural style, including the more traditional.

When designing a great pool area, success is not measured in size. Instead, success comes back to the core fundamentals of good design, form and function. If a pool area looks good and it works, then the size of the pool itself really doesn’t matter.

The top option for pool deck paving

We all love a pool, but with the right hardscaping, including pool coping stones, they can be made to look even better. Coping is the term used to refer to the material used to cap the pool shell wall, thereby creating a hardscaping link between the pool itself and the surrounding pool deck.

Concrete pavers and pool coping stones are a great paving option for pool decks. In addition to providing an attractive border for the pool itself, they also create a safe surface that doesn’t become slippery or too hot underfoot.

Using concrete pavers and pool coping stones makes possible a range of classic and contemporary pool landscaping designs. With concrete pavers and pool coping stones available in a range of custom colours and hues, and various textures, including combinations of exposed shell, crushed granite and pebbles, you can really let your creativity loose to create a truly striking result.

Another advantage of using concrete pavers for pool decks is that they can be spot replaced, if necessary. Factory-made concrete pavers are also very dense, making them nonporous, which means they resist the growth of algae and mildew in the wet pool deck environment. 

Also, if you want to extend your pool deck at a later date, it’s easy to install matching pavers, thereby ensuring a seamless transition. You can even use concrete pavers to build pool-deck ‘furniture’, such as raised seat walls or planter boxes that coordinate with the pool deck itself.

Pool coping stone specialists

If you’re looking for the perfect concrete pavers and pool coping stones for your pool project, you’ll definitely want to talk to the team at Slatecrete. We’ve been specialist manufacturers and installers of masonry paving for more than 45 years, so when you need to know what to use, where and how, our friendly team can advise you on the ideal paver and pool coping stone for your pool landscaping project.

Our concrete products are manufactured to strict, factory-controlled specifications. As a result, we’ve developed extremely high-density pavers and pool coping stones with uniform shape, dimension and texture.

We stock a variety of pool coping stones in a wide colour range. Owing to the fact that we manufacture our own pavers, we can also colour match your concrete pavers and pool coping stones to any landscape colour scheme. We can even help you to give your pool deck a real beach like feel with our seashell honed pavers and pool coping stones. Bringing the beach to your entertainment space in this way will give your home a very unique look and feel. No matter what style of design you settle on for your pool landscaping project, we guarantee that our concrete pavers and pool coping stones will bring versatility, durability and stunning good looks to your pool party!

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