Concrete Retaining walls and Fences

Concrete Retaining walls and Fences

Additional information: Concrete Retaining walls and Fences

Cost Effective

Slatecrete’s concrete panel and post retaining system, is a cost-effective alternative to brick, block and keystone retaining walls and fencing. This system requires less posts than timber, as the posts are spread out to 1.6m apart, reducing the amount of labour and materials.

Space Saving

Our Slatecrete retaining wall product’s biggest advantage over other retaining wall types is that our concrete panels being 1500 X 300 X 55mm slide vertically into 130 X 130mm concrete posts. Minimizing huge amounts of excavation.  This makes it an ideal space saving retaining or fence walling system.

Unlike all other concrete retaining walls, Slatecrete’s panel and post system does not require a footing due to the support of the posts.

Easy to Install

Slatecrete’s concrete posts and panels are quickly and easily installed, keeping costs down. It is also a great DIY product, as the products are made to size and installation is simple with only 3 steps involved.

Slatecrete’s panel and post system can be installed five times faster than a keystone wall.

Structurally Engineered

Slatecrete retaining walls  are Structurally Engineered. We guarantee a premium product, using only galvanized steel reinforcing throughout our panel and posts, as well chemical additives in the concrete for increased strength.  

Our Precast Concrete Panel and Retaining Wall Products are ideal for:

  • Retaining Walls up to 1.5m
  • Fencing
  • Feature Walls
  • Garden Edging
  • Privacy Screen Walls
  • Water Features
  • Terraced Walls
  • Commercial Sound Barriers
  • Shore Pilling and Temporary Walling
  • Wall Features

This is a longer lasting retaining wall option, it will outlast many of the other retaining wall products on the market.

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