Three Things to Consider When it Comes to Pool Pavers and Coping

As we head further into a hot Kiwi summer and the mercury shoots up into the late twenties, home owners around the country are starting to wish they had a nice backyard pool in which to cool off and relax. 

If you find yourself dreaming of installing a pool as you melt away, there are three things to consider when it comes to pool pavers and coping. But first, let’s go over what these terms mean. 

Pavers and Coping 

Pavers surround a swimming pool, giving it a neat and tidy border. They are slip resistant making the area around the pool safer and are designed to feel comfortable under your feet – not too hot, rough or dimpled, which can collect dirt. Concrete and stone are two popular and appropriate paver materials. 

Coping is the way the pool wall is capped, linking the actual pool with the surrounding deck. Coping stones can be straight-edged called Ariss or round-edged called Bullnose. Just like pavers, coping stones make a pool area attractive while providing a safe and cool surface. 

The three main considerations for pavers and coping are colour, texture and care. 


We recommend starting by choosing a colour you’d like to see around your backyard pool. There are many colour options for pavers and pool copings, from traditional terracotta to modern, sleek white and everything in between. You can create a uniform look by matching your pavers and pool copings in the same colour shades or create a feature look to your pool copings by using a darker shade against lighter colour pavers. 


Texture is a great way to compliment colour to achieve the right look and feel to the area around your pool. While modern pavers and coping could benefit from a smooth finish, traditional pool areas might better suit a patio or quarrystone finish. Plus, textures like exposed shells, crushed granite or pebbles can be added to the pavers to accentuate an area and add personality. 

Caring for your Pavers and Coping 

Finally, consider what is in store for maintaining the area as long-term care can affect what materials and colours you use. For instance, concrete is often preferred as it can be spot replaced and finding matching concrete pavers is fairly easy if you end up extending your deck. Another example is the decision to use white pavers, which might look swish when new, but can end up looking dirty without frequent cleaning. 

As a NZ-wide manufacturer and supplier of pool pavers and coping, the team at Slatecrete is happy to have a chat to discuss colour, texture and care of your pavers and coping to make sure you make the most of your new pool.

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