Tips to Get Your Poolscape into Shape for Summer

Summer is here in New Zealand and, if you’re lucky enough to own a pool, that means it’s swimming season. If preparing your backyard swimming pool for summer is still on the to do list, never fear! The team at Auckland’s concrete paving manufacturing company Slatecrete has some excellent tips to help you get your pool into tip-top shape.

Safety First

Before you take that first dip of the season, it’s a good idea to assess the pool-side environment with an eye to safety. Look at your pool fence to make sure it is in working order with a secure gate and a latch out of reach of young children. Next, examine your pavers surrounding the pool – you want them to be non-slip and free of mildew, debris and cracks.

Give the Pool a Good Clean Up

Of course, the pool itself will need a good clean, so get the chlorine, the pool brush and the vacuum out. Empty the skimmer box and test the water to make sure it is in the correct range for pH levels, calcium and chlorine.

Maintain Pool Coping

Pool coping – the edging that surrounds the pool – completes your pool’s look while offering a safe surface between water and ground. While the best time to install pool coping is in the off-season, now is a great time to make sure your existing coping is up to scratch. Give it a good scrub with hot soapy water and making sure there are no gaps in the grout. Don’t waterblast your concrete coping as it can cause damage and disturb the grout.

Repair Damaged Pavers

If you notice any cracked, lifted or otherwise imperfect concrete pavers, now’s the time to repair them so you can enjoy a beautiful and safe outdoor area all summer long. If you have concrete, repairing damaged pavers is easy as they can be individually replaced.

For a DIY repair, simply remove the damaged concrete paver, level the ground under it with sand, and replace the paver, leaving a small gap to account for movement. For advice on a professional repair in Auckland, get in touch with the concrete paving manufacturers and suppliers at Slatecrete.

Finishing Touches

Once the pool is clean, fences checked and pavers and coping maintained, you can focus on the finishing touches that will really bring this area to life. Try colourful poolside cushions, a sturdy umbrella and some potted palms.

If you need any help getting your swimming pool ready for summer, give NZ’s premium concrete paving company Slatecrete a call!

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