Use Customised Concrete Products for a Beautiful Home & Garden

Auckland concrete manufacturing company Slatecrete lets you create a unique personality for your home and garden using customised concrete products.

For many homes in New Zealand, pre-made materials just don’t cut the mustard which is where tailor-made concrete products come in handy. Auckland concrete manufacturing company Slatecrete lets you create a unique personality for your home and garden using customised concrete products. If you want choice over colours, finishes, shapes and sizes, consider custom concrete for the following areas in and around your house.


Concrete Landscaping

When it comes to landscaping, you can’t find a better material to work with than concrete. New Zealanders love our backyards and concrete pavers make these spaces beautiful and functional – their sleek look and clean lines a great fit for pathways, garden edging and car parks.

Resistant to weeds, easy to clean and difficult to damage, durable concrete is a much-loved landscaping option and customised concrete paving products mean that no matter the size, shape or layout of your outdoor area, you can make use of concrete.

Pool Surrounds and Coping

Concrete pavers and coping complete the appearance of a swimming pool and enhance its safety by surrounding it in a water-resistant, non-slip surface that doesn’t get too hot in the sun. No matter the shape or size of your pool, Slatecrete can create customised pool surrounds and coping to suit. Make the style of the pool your own by including exposed shell, crushed granite or simply sticking to smooth, classic concrete.

Retaining Walls

Concrete is a good choice for retaining walls, the concrete posts not only attractive but also strong and supportive. For smaller retaining walls, concrete alone is a great choice, while for larger walls Slatecrete will combine concrete with reinforcing steel. Concrete panels come in a variety of colours and finishes to make for subtle and nice-looking customised concrete retaining walls that will complete your yard.


Unique Kitchens

Concrete benchtops are striking additions to the kitchen. Customise your benchtop by choosing the colour and finish and let Slatecrete manufacture and install the perfect concrete benchtop to meet your kitchen’s specific needs, whether you need a bench to wrap around a corner, want to install a brand new a beautiful island or have other unique requests.

Bespoke Bathrooms

People don’t often consider concrete when it comes to renovating or building new bathrooms and yet concrete is an excellent bathroom material, arguable better than tiles. Easy to clean, mildew-resistant and suitable for any look from modern to industrial, elegant and even rustic when accented with wood, custom concrete is a winner in for bespoke bathrooms.

Give Slatecrete a ring to discuss how customised concrete can complete your home or garden in Auckland or across NZ.

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