Using Concrete to Create the Best Garden Edging

Plentiful gardens on a quarter acre section are a big part of the NZ dream.

If you’re lucky enough to have a yard to maintain and garden to upkeep, do it right with the best possible garden edging. As an Auckland-based concrete paving manufacturing company, Slatecrete are experts in using concrete to create crisp garden edges to refresh old gardens and complete new ones.

Benefits of Garden Edging

Using concrete garden edging is both functional and decorative, creating an attractive border between the garden and the surrounding area. Some reasons to include garden edging include:

• The lawn (and weeds!) won’t overtake the garden beds
• Keeps soil and mulch in the garden
• Draws attention to your flowers
• Creates a boundary keeping people off your plants
• Easy to install and maintain

Why Use Concrete for your Edging

Concrete is a great material for the job, creating a striking contrast with the greenery of the garden within. Concrete paving products look tidy, add character and can even double as a mowing strip, making maintaining your lawn around the garden much easier.

If you want a beautifully clean boundary around your garden, concrete pavers or paving stones can help you really nail that nature-meets-concrete look in your backyard.

Concrete Pavers Versus Paving Stones

Whether to use concrete pavers or paving stones depends on personal style and preference. Which look do you prefer? What will suit your garden and your home the best? It’s up to you – but here’s our two cents.

Concrete pavers are versatile, suiting both modern and traditional homes. They are easy to clean and complement your garden’s natural appearance. Concrete pavers alongside living plants create a dynamic feel, turning your garden into a backyard sanctuary. Pavers work well to create flowy, uneven borders around natural looking gardens.

If you are after a more polished look, concrete paving stones might be your best bet. Matching the tidiness of your garden, paving stones can be cut into a nearly endless array of styles, from large flat even stones to concrete bricks and everything in between. Concrete paving stones bring a sophisticated feel to your garden and are well-suited to handsome homes, elegant flowers and straight-edged garden beds.

If you’re feeling a little lost and want to improve the look of your garden with concrete edgings, speak to the team at Slatecrete for input and advice.

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