What You Need to Know About Choosing a Concrete Benchtop

Concrete benchtops have been trending for a while, and due to its modern look and durability, you can see why. A natural material that’s both durable and elegant, concrete makes for excellent kitchen benchtops and countertops. If you’re looking at choosing a concrete benchtop, read on and find out all you need to know.

Endless options for bespoke design

There's a wide and endless array of options for concrete benchtops, so you can create any kind of look that you desire. With endless colours, shapes, inlays and edges, concrete allows you to create the bespoke kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Mixing in stone, shells or limestone, your kitchen benchtop can be given a unique finish. Completely customised to your own unique style, it’s design and finish can turn a room into an industrial loft, a French country farmhouse, a seaside bach or any look you’re going for.

Natural or polished

Slatecrete’s concrete benchtops and countertops are available in a range of colours with either a natural smooth or honed polished concrete finish. Many concrete counters installed today look more like natural stone which is achieved through a process of acid staining, creating a mottled look of granite or slate. It can be done in various colours and tones from light to dark. Smooth or polished benchtops are custom made to size with different thicknesses to suit the look you desire.

Practical and durable

Concrete benchtops and countertops are extremely durable and easy to maintain. Concrete is extremely hard and resists chipping and scratching, lasting for decades with a minimum amount of basic maintenance. This is thanks to the sealing that takes place, which also comes in various sealers including high-gloss, matte and natural finishes.

Easy maintenance

A huge benefit of concrete is that they are heavy resistant. There’s no need to worry about burning or scratching. If you love cooking, they are a great asset as they can handle the heat of cooktops and pots and pans. When it comes to maintenance, you’ll need to reseal your countertop every few years, but it’s easy and doesn’t take long. Having them properly sealed means it will be resistant to stains and bacteria. Other than that, only normal cleaning with soap and water is needed. Concrete benchtops age well when they are well-maintained.

Key feature

Beautiful, quality concrete benchtops are a key feature in the kitchen making a statement. They become a cherished place in your home, where you cook for your loved ones, make your morning coffee, or congregate after work and school to chat about your days. Since kitchens are the place in a home where the household tends most to interact, you want to make it a space that you love. This can be achieved with a timeless, versatile concrete benchtop.

Like the sound of improving the look of your kitchen with a concrete benchtop? Get in touch with Slatecrete today and find out the options for your space.

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