Why Your New Driveway Project Needs Concrete Pavers

Do you have a driveway project coming up? Whether you’re complete a new house build or finally get around to repairing that old, cracked driveway, versatile, attractive, long-lasting concrete pavers are the answer. Here are five reasons why you’ll never regret choosing concrete paving for your driveway. Already convinced? Get your project started with Slatecrete, Auckland’s concrete paving manufacturers.


Whether you opt for pavers or poured, concrete is famous for its excellent durability. It’s a strong material that can withstand extreme weather and heavy use, and since you probably don’t want to redo your driveway every few years, durability matters. Concrete pavers are sturdier than poured concrete and won’t crack, which makes them the preferred option for your home’s driveway.

Easy to repair

Since concrete pavers are so durable, damage happens infrequently and slowly. But still, wear and tear can happen over the years, which is where concrete paver’s ease of repair comes in. If any paver ends up cracked, chipped or otherwise damaged, you can replace that paver individually with ease. It’s an inexpensive repair job and the outcome will look good as new.

Maintenance is a breeze

You’ll be shocked at how easy it is to take care of your concrete driveway pavers. They are not very prone to staining and spaces can be filled in with sand to limit the growth of weeds. Regular sweeping, the occasional rinse with your garden hose, and pulling out the odd weed is really all it takes to keep your driveway in tip top shape.

Curb appeal

Concrete paving makes for beautiful, bespoke driveways. Coming in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, colours and finishes, you get to customise your driveway’s look to suit your home’s aesthetic and stand out from the pack. Your stylish driveway can even increase the value of your home, acting as a drawcard when it comes time to sell your house.

Cost effective

Concrete pavers are an affordable option for completing a driveway – especially when you consider that the driveway’s life expectancy will be decades long. Concrete paving is less expensive than poured concrete or asphalt for driveways, plus repairs will be cheaper, as you can remove individual pavers.

Want your driveway to be the envy of the street?

NZ’s concrete manufacturing company Slatecrete’s huge range of custom concrete pavers will complete your home’s driveway. Get in touch with us for a free on-site consultation and quote – 09 580 1220.

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