Winter is the Time for Swimming Pool Projects and Concrete Maintenance

Wherever you are in NZ, from rainy Auckland to chilly Christchurch, winter is not the season when our backyard swimming pools glisten in the sunshine, tempting us to dive right in. In fact, they can seem like more of a tease, reminding us of the pleasures of summer and how far away they feel.

But winter is good for something: it’s the perfect time of year to do maintenance on your pool or install a new one. Instead of staring at your empty pool and dreaming of warmer days, give your pool a makeover now so you can enjoy it once the cold thaws and the sunshine returns.

Check for Dirty or Damaged Coping Stones

Concrete is very durable, but like any hard-wearing outdoor paving material, wear and tear eventually happens. Coping stones can become loose, dirty or damaged, so it’s a good idea to check your pool coping each winter.

Algae and superficial dirt on coping stones can be scrubbed off, while caked on dirt might require chemical cleaners found at most pool supply shops. If you find small cracks in concrete coping stones, they can usually be sealed up with concrete sealant, but for larger repairs, get Auckland concrete paving specialists at Slatecrete on board.

Pool and Paver Maintenance

Once finished any coping repairs, care for your pool surround by cleaning any fallen leaves from the concrete pavers. Over autumn and winter, fallen leaves can cake onto the deck, so regular sweeping and scrubbing is important.

And don’t forget the pool itself – keep the water clean and clear by removing debris, vacuuming the bottom of the pool, and checking the filtration and the pool’s pH, even if it’ll be a few months before you can go for a swim.

Renovating and Installing New Swimming Pools

If you have any major swimming pool projects, like changing the pool’s shape, adding on stairs or installing a brand-new pool, winter is the time to do it. These can be big jobs, so by starting now, you will be able to make the most of the pool come summertime.

When renovating or building a swimming pool, coping stones are absolutely essential as they provide a smooth and secure cap of the pool wall. Concrete makes for excellent coping stones and surrounding pavers as they are beautiful and safe, easy to clean and water-resistant, limiting mildew growth.

Make the Most of winter!

Don’t get the winter blues get you down. Instead, look towards summer by caring for your pool and completing your backyard swimming pool dreams. Talk to Slatecrete, NZ’s nationwide manufacturer and supplier of concrete pool pavers and coping.

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