Installation Guide

Installation Guide

Slatecrete Paving Guide (Wet Lay)

Recommended Installation Guideline For Pavers (Foot Traffic) WET LAY recommended for best results | Weed & Ant Free

The Base (Depending on the sub soil)

Approx 60mm compacted road base. Depth dependant on sub soil. Use string lines to get correct falls. Compact well.

Laying the pavers

For slurry mortar mix – 4 to 1 sand and cement. Add a squirt of sunlight soap; this will make it more spreadable. Trowel on mortar slurry to a thickness of approx 20mm covering an area of no more then workable square meters at a time. Place pavers carefully on Mortar so as to not disturb surface levels. If required tap into position with rubber mallet (be careful not to mark the pavers). Keeping space of 10 – 15mm between pavers, for grouting at a later stage.

Cutting the pavers

A wet diamond saw blade produces the best cutting result.

Filling the joints

For mortar mix same as above (3 to 1 silica sand cement mix again add squirt of sunlight soap) Fill joints using trowel up to level of pavers. With wet sponge wipe off any excess. (This should give smooth grout lines)

Sealing the pavers

For easier care it is recommended the pavers be sealed. Sealing enhances the product and prevents marking. We recommend giving the pavers time to dry evenly before sealing. However when “you” are happy with the finish of the pavers, then this is the time to seal them. Prior to sealing you can clean your paving with spirits of salt or soapy water. Clean using a soft broom. Never water blast your paving or use a hard brush. Apply with a soft headed paint roller. The surface and grout/sand must be dry. For best results apply two coats. Drying time is approximately 24 to 48 hours. Paving should be resealed every 4 to 6 years.

Once product has been laid leave for 2-3 months then clean with light acid wash, let dry for 1-2 days then seal. This will stop stains. Never waterblast just soapy water and mop. For the best result in laying your paving, ask about our supply and lay project management service.

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