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GAP 20

General All Passing Aggregates (GAP)

Slatecrete, Auckland’s concrete manufacturers, does more than just paving. We also supply general all passing aggregate (GAPS), which plays a crucial role in a wide range of applications, from laying commercial driveways to DIY landscaping projects.

Making up much of the volume of concrete, it’s important to choose the most appropriate general all passing aggregate for your particular project. GAPS comes in a variety of compositions, sizes and shapes – source the three most commonly used products here.

GAP 7, also known as crusher dust, is very fine, creating a durable finishing base under concrete pavers. The coarser GAP 20 is a great all-purpose base often used under concrete paving or in driveways. Builders Mix is sand pre-mixed with GAP 20, all you have to do is add some cement and water and you’ve got concrete.

To purchase concrete aggregates, or figure out which one is best for your project, talk to the specialists at Slatecrete.

Product Description

GAP (general all passing aggregates)

Used in preparation of foundations. Driveways and paths and for under paving.

Available sizes & finishes
Product type Uses
GAP 7 Finishing Base
GAP 20 General all purpose Base
Builders Mix Pre mixed sand and GAP20 – Just add cement and water and you’ve made concrete
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