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GFRC Benchtops

GFRC Indoor Fire Hearth
GFRC Outdoor Fire Hearth and Benchtops
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White GFRC Bar Top

In short, GFRC consists of cement, fine aggregate, acrylic co-polymer, water and glass fibres. GFRC has been used for the past 30 years by decorative concrete artisans who have discovered the benefits of GFRC.
It gives much higher flexural and tensile strengths than normal concrete, this enables us to apply it to a wide range of requests.
GFRC is a lightweight, durable material that can be cast into kitchen benchtops, commercial countertops, bathroom vanities, table tops, fire hearths and much more and it is a third of the weight of standard concrete.
Concrete is extremely versatile and can be cast in nearly any size or shape. As the moulds are made here in New Zealand by hand, the possibilities are endless. A concrete benchtop can have all sorts of curves and such things as built-in sinks and embedded objects; drain boards, sinks, trivets, knife slots etc.
Because concrete is a mixture of many different raw ingredients, subtle variations in colour, shade and texture are to be expected. Concrete is poured or sprayed into a mould, so air bubbles and mottling can also be seen on the surface. Another thing is concrete has to cure, and with temperatures and humidity levels changing constantly, no piece can ever be replicated giving each piece its own unique character.
Unique styling and durability are just a couple of the reasons that concrete benchtops have become so popular. A far cry from the early versions, todays concrete benchtops are thinner stronger and come in many more finishes, thanks to improved technology. Variations in colour and texture, along with some natural imperfections, add to the charm and unique style of concrete, but may not appeal to all homeowners.
If you look through leading Home and Architecture magazines or watch Architectural Design TV Shows, you will quickly realise that concrete is the cutting edge of architecture.
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