Three Things to Consider When it Comes to Pool Pavers and Coping
As we head further into a hot Kiwi summer and the mercury shoots up into the late twenties, home owners around the country are starting to wish they had a nice backyard pool in which to cool off and relax.
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You’re invited to Auckland paving company Slatecrete’s display at the 2017 Auckland Home Show
It’s show time again as the iconic Auckland Home Show opens its doors from 6 to 10 September at the ASB Showgrounds (217 Greenlane Road in Auckland’s Greenlane).
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Why choose Slatecrete’s Auckland Concrete Pavers for your Landscaping Ground Surface?
The decision you make for which ground surface to use for your landscaping could be the single most important decision you Concrete Pavers make for your landscaping project.
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Looking for a Kitchen Concrete Countertop in Auckland?
In Auckland, kitchen concrete countertops have been hot for a while now – and they’re nowhere near cooling off. If anything, their appeal is growing!
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Our Concrete Bullnose Coping Stones
Concrete bullnose coping stones surround a swimming pool install and build
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Give your pool a modern slimline look with our new Ariss swimming pool coping
If you’ve built a concrete in-ground swimming pool, then the pool shell wall will need ‘pool coping’ which is the term used to identify ...
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The best concrete paving company to create your entertainment space
With the summer months fast approaching, it’s natural that our thoughts turn to our outdoor spaces.
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Slatecrete Concrete Paving Products at Auckland Home Show 2016
Our Slatecrete concrete paving products are going to good use at the stands of Green Image Landscaping and AJs Landscaping...
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Give your business an extra wow factor with a concrete countertop
It’s common knowledge that concrete has become one of the most extensively used building materials in the world.
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Pool Coping Stones and Concrete Pavers – The Top Paving Options for a Pool Deck
We Kiwis have always had a love affair with the outdoors, especially in the warmer months. This is one of the reasons why we’re obsessed..
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Concrete countertops: the most versatile countertop material available
Concrete, the humble material in many a building foundation, is fast becoming a material that architects, designers, and homeowners...
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Additional information: Concrete Retaining walls and Fences
Slatecrete’s concrete panel and post retaining system, is a cost-effective alternative to brick, block and keystone retaining walls and fencing.
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Additional information: Pavers and Pool Copings
Taking the time to plan your new paving project carefully and following the correct procedures will ensure our Slatecrete concrete pavers lives up to your expectations.
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Additional information: Concrete Benchtops
Concrete kitchen countertops offer endless creative possibilities for the savvy homeowner.
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Outdoor Living with Indoor Living comforts
Here are a couple of Slatecrete’s products that can help create a beautiful outdoor area you will want to use all year round.
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Choosing the right type of Pavers
If you are looking at paving an outdoor area, there are a few things you should consider before you make a choice on which type of paver will suit your requirements.
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Using Concrete to Create the Best Garden Edging
If you’re lucky enough to have a yard to maintain and garden to upkeep, do it right with the best possible concrete garden edging.
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Five Reasons to Use Quality Concrete Paving Products
When it comes to building a patio, installing a pool and renovating a house, it is important to use top quality materials; after all, you want the job done once and done right. .
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