How to Achieve a Minimal Landscape with Concrete Pavers

November 9, 2021

Minimalist backyards and gardens are all the rage, and for good reason. They are attractive, affordable and easy to maintain. They’re perfect for hard-working professionals and busy families. They let you enjoy time outdoors without endless hours of weeding, trimming and watering. Whether you have a sprawling backyard or a small urban patio, concrete paving is the best way to achieve an understated, minimal look for your outdoor space.

Build boundaries

Start planning your perfectly minimal backyard by creating strong edges. By defining the boundary of your yard, you bring orderliness and structure to the space. The clean lines of concrete pavers make for a simple and attractive edge to your outdoor area while the muted tones of concrete offer the ultimate minimalist aesthetic.

Contrasting materials

A few contrasting materials in your backyard add intrigue without busyness. The smooth texture of concrete paving for your patio and footpath, the earthy tones of some wooden garden beds and the lush softness of your plants will do the trick.

Get your greens

What is a backyard without some greenery? Partner the greys, creams and whites of the concrete pavers with plenty of greens – ferns and flax, succulents and palms. It might be worth a chat at the local garden centre to help you make plant choices that will keep things easy-care and low maintenance.

Pops of colour

Who said minimal had to be boring? While you’re certainly not after a kaleidoscope of colour, adding a few vibrant flowers into your garden will only enhance the aesthetic. Plant perennial flowers that will come back each year and look for flowers that bloom at different times of the year. A burst of orange in autumn; some blues and purples in winter.

Cater to your lifestyle

Any well-used yard caters to its owners’ needs. If you have a family, find appropriate storage systems that will make the space more usable. If you’re a keen entertainer, what about a concrete benchtop and outdoor kitchen? Find ways to make your backyard comfortable and practical so you can enjoy it as much as the weather will allow.

Protect your pool

If your pool is looking a little worse for wear, it can throw off the entire look. Tidy up this swimming space with concrete pool coping and surround the pool with concrete pavers which look good, is safe under slippery post-swim feet, and east to clean.

Achieve a minimal look with concrete pavers

If you’re after high quality concrete products for your minimalist garden, speak to Slatecrete, NZ’s leading manufacturers of premium concrete pavers.

Need a retaining wall?
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For structurally sound, cost-effective and easy to install retaining walls and fencing, choose concrete. As an alternative option to brick, block or keystone, concrete requires fewer timber posts, less labour and minimal excavation. It is ideal where space is limited and with a simple three-step installation process, it’s perfect for your next DIY project.

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