Five Signs It’s Time to Repave Your Driveway

November 9, 2021

Is your driveway a crumbling eyesore? Are there so many cracks it resembles the epicentre of an earthquake? Is there a family of ducks living in that ponding water? If the state of your driveway has exceeded simple wear and tear, it may be time to consider replacing it with concrete pavers: they can revive your home, enhance your curb appeal and tidy up the front yard. Here are five signs that it’s time for a new driveway.

Large cracks

If your driveway has started to have some serious cracks, it might be time to call it. While it certainly isn’t pretty to look at large cracks in your concrete, it’s more than just aesthetic. When there are large cracks, oil and gas can get in, which exacerbates the problems until it snowballs out of control. Small cracks are a sign that you need to repair and seal the driveway: extensive cracks point to a replacement.


Holes in your driveway are neither attractive nor healthy for your vehicles. They’re also a tripping hazard! If your driveway is starting to look a little bit like a minefield, it’s probably time to consider replacing it. And to avoid potholes in the future, concrete paving stones are a great choice as you can easily replace single pavers should they get damaged.


As that strong NZ sun beats down on your driveway over the years, it will start to fade and discolour. Just like cracks and holes, this is not just a cosmetic issue as the UV rays can weaken your driveway’s surface.

Pooling water

Water that isn’t draining properly is another indicator that you might want to replace or re-pave your driveway. Water runoff should easily drain away, and any pooling water is either a sign or a result of structural deterioration.

It’s reached its life expectancy

You’ve noticed signs of wear and tear and then sat down to do the maths when you realise this driveway has been around longer than your grown children! If this is the case, even without major potholes or cracks, it’s probably time to re-pave the driveway. A patch up repair job isn’t going to buy you much time if your driveway is past its prime.

Choose concrete pavers for your new driveway

Concrete paving stones make beautiful, bespoke driveways that add value to your home and last for ages. Whether it’s safety, aesthetic or just simply time, speak to Auckland’s concrete paving manufacturers at Slatecrete about which pavers are best for your driveway.

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