The Best Pavers and Concrete for Your Summer Projects

November 9, 2021

Summer is the season to spend outdoors. You may have been enjoying time in your garden and deciding it’s time to improve your outdoor areas or if you’re planning a new build you might be thinking of how to make the most of your outdoor space for future summers to come. It's often the time when people decide to install a pool or develop their landscaping into a summer oasis. Read on and find out how you can enjoy summer at your home to the fullest by creating an amazing outdoor area with high-quality pavers.

Creating an inviting pool

If the heat of the summer is enticing you to install a pool you’ll want to ensure it’s built to the best it can and that the entire area is utilised. If you are installing a pool, you will need to surround it securely with a pool coping. Coping is the material used to cap the pool edge and there’s a lot of great options you can choose from. Pool coping is not only attractive, it’s also a safety essential. Concrete is the classic coping material, and is the ideal choice for it’s smooth, secure and non-slip properties.

Develop your pool area

You can create an attractive and usable space around your pool, and concrete pavers make for a beautiful finish next to shimmering water. You can create any look with the finishes of the pavers, from a relaxing sandstone tone, a modern grey concrete, classic terracotta, upmarket limestone, and many more looks. It’s not only the pool that’s the feature, it’s the space surrounding it, which can be developed with pavers so that you can relax around the pool too.

Improve your outdoor space with premium pavers

In the world of landscaping, concrete pavers are like gold. Any outdoor space can be improved dramatically with pavers. Make the most of your outdoor space and enhance your outdoor living environment by using concrete pavers. They are perfect for entertainment areas, patios and any space you would like to use for gathering or seating in the summer months.

Add a retaining wall to your garden

Retaining walls can turn a standard garden into an interesting and cozy space. They are also used to retain land, creating a safe space to enjoy your outdoors. Concrete is the go-to option as it’s structurally sound, cost effective and easy to install. You can choose from a variety of finishes such as brick, stone, smooth and more. Add a beautiful feature in your garden to make the most of it in the warm months.

Look after your pavers in summer

To get the most of your pavers and concrete outdoor areas in summer be sure to look after them. One of the huge benefits of concrete is that it’s very low maintenance. So you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your outdoor area in the summertime.

Want to make the most of your outdoor spaces in the summer? Get in touch with Slatecrete, Auckland manufacturers of premium concrete pavers and paving products for all of your projects.

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For structurally sound, cost-effective and easy to install retaining walls and fencing, choose concrete. As an alternative option to brick, block or keystone, concrete requires fewer timber posts, less labour and minimal excavation. It is ideal where space is limited and with a simple three-step installation process, it’s perfect for your next DIY project.

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